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The portfolio of Alexander Greene, Philadelphia based freelance graphic designer
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My Process


When it comes to freelance work, you’ve got big dreams and I’m here to make sure you see them come to life.  From the smallest project to the largest undertaking, everything begins with you.  In this stage it’s necessary to understand who you are and what you’re trying to achieve.  Along with an overview of the project, it’s important that we fully discuss the target audience, the timeline, the future, and any outside influences or challenges you’ve faced that may factor into your end goal.


Once I have a clear picture of who you are, what you’re looking for, and where you want to go, I can get to work implementing a flexible visual solution.  Whether it’s branding, posters, illustration, or front end website design- I’ve got you covered.  My task at this point is to brainstorm the challenges that are currently facing your project and explore the mindset of your target audience in order to identify a list of aesthetic “tools” with which to build from.


After laying out a clear “toolset” (palettes, font sets, symbols, crude sketches, etc), I can get to work constructing the underlying framework for your project.  At this point the work starts to evolve and take shape naturally while broad thematic elements acquire an observable form and visual cues become integrated.  What started out as 10 ideas might naturally channel down to 2 and then finally 1, as only the strongest concepts for implementation are selected and developed into finished products.


Before proceeding to the final stage, the design is submitted for your review along with the logical reasoning behind the aesthetic choices (when applicable). At this point you have the option to submit feedback, request changes, see how it would look “in the wild”- it’s up to you.  Again, the end goal of this design process is to work together to make your vision come to life, not mine.


Once you have a product that you’re fully satisfied with we can move on to the final stage, wherein I’ll set all the files you need up for production and distribution.  If it’s a website or app, they’ll be web ready, zipped up with all assets, and layered and labeled for easy hand off to developers.  If it’s a print file, they’ll be setup for print at whatever color mode, size, and bleed you need.  If it’s branding, all files will include fully scalable vectors with marked PMS colors and fonts.  Anything I created that you need- vectors, PSDs, etc. are yours to keep, and I’ll save them out and set them up however you need them.

Interested in working together? Get in touch!